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Secure Your Apps with E Com Mobile App Security Testing Checklist

Like all software, mobile apps often contain vulnerabilities (introduced by errors in design or implementation or by malicious intent) that can expose a user, a mobile device and its data or enterprise services or its data to attacks. Any one of many simple errors that a developer can make potentially exposes the sensitive data or [...]

September 16th, 2019|Cyber Security|

Joker Malware Infects 500K Users In 24 Android Apps On Google Play

A new Android malware called Joker (after the manic Batman villain) has been discovered which can gain access to a victim’s SMS messages, contacts list, and other specific device information. It can also sign victims up for premium subscription services without their knowledge. The malware has been reported to have infected a total 24 apps [...]

September 10th, 2019|Cyber Security|

Global Outbreak of WannaCry Ransomware (ETR-2017-C020)

E Com Security Solutions has been closely monitoring the latest ransomware outbreak that has affected several organizations around the world – which is being commonly referred to as WCRY or WannaCry. Based on our initial analysis of this ransomware – it appears to be taking advantage of a recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerability (MS17-010 – “Eternalblue”) [...]

More than a Million Google Accounts on Android got compromised with Gooligan Malware

Is your google account hacked? Over 1 million google accounts have been compromised till now! Gooligan is an Android Malware that infects and compromised Google accounts. The malware steals authentication details and can access Google apps including Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Play, Google Drive etc. How does [...]

How to know if you’re at risk in Yahoo hack

If you're wondering what to do after hearing about the massive data breach, follow these steps to make sure you're safe. Yahoo on Thursday revealed a hack that compromised 500 million user accounts, and yours might be among them. It's the largest-ever publicly disclosed data breach, and it could affect a lot more than your [...]

September 22nd, 2016|Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Security NEWS|

Over 25,000 IoT CCTV Cameras Used In DDoS Attack

The Internet of Things (IoTs) or Internet-connected devices are growing at an exponential rate and so are threats to them. Due to the insecure implementation, these Internet-connected embedded devices, including Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Set-top boxes, Security Cameras and printers, are routinely being hacked and used as weapons in cyber attacks. We have seen how [...]

July 2nd, 2016|Cyber Security|

Hummer Malware infects Android phones that continually pops up ads, install unwanted apps and consume large amounts of network traffic

An Android Trojan dubbed “Hummer” has infected millions of smartphones and experts believe the malware could have helped cyber criminals make a significant amount of money. Hummer has infected Android smartphones all over the world, the most affected being India, Indonesia, Turkey, China, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Data collected by the [...]

July 1st, 2016|Cyber Security|

Ransomware 101 : What It Is and How You Can Protect Yourself

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods in order to grant access to their systems, or to get their data back. Some ransomware encrypts files (called Cryptolocker). Other ransomware use TOR [...]

German Nuclear Power Plant Infected With Malware

A German nuclear power plant near Munich reportedly was found infected with malware. RWE, the German utility that runs the facility, has confirmed that since the plant is cut off from Internet, the malware infection did not affect or harm operations, according to Reuters. Conficker and W32.Ramnit malware were discovered in unit B of the [...]