Healthcare Organizations

Providing healthcare organizations with an actionable, risk-based approach for managing the security of sensitive assets and to protect against today’s advanced threats.

  • Prioritize and align vulnerabilities with critical assets (ePHI, EMR)
  • Demonstrate risk assessments for HIPAA audits
  • Lower risk through achievable remediation efforts
  • Prevent Heath Care Fraud

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What our customers are saying

“E Com Security Solutions more than meets our needs from testing point of view. We had several pieces of work that they performed for us and they really came through. The distance was no issue.”

– Chief Technology Officer

“The E Com Security Solutions team has consistently met our expectations. The team understands the needs of a complex environment: they follow strong processes, and the consultants are committed to delivering high-quality work beneficial.”

– Program Manager, Financial Institution

“E Com Security Solutions has been very helpful in conducting penetration test and clarifying the technical issues with us. We have received a consistent and reliable service. We look forward to engaging E Com Security Solutions services again in the next few months.”

– Senior Manager, Banking Sector

Secure the privacy and integrity of protected health information

Healthcare organizations face the unique challenge of guarding the privacy and integrity of protected health information (PHI), which has become increasingly lucrative data to cybercriminals. This data must be secured even more stringently than other types of information, to not only protect relationships with customers and patients, but also to meet the strict compliance regulations that every healthcare provider must adhere to.

Flexible solution that handle vast amount of data while offering federally-compliant strong security

As a healthcare organization, you are confronted with staggering volumes of PHI, PII, and other sensitive data. The aggressive push towards electronic records management, combined with patient information privacy laws, has placed your IT infrastructure under enormous pressure.

Reduce risk and provide strong IT controls

E Com Security Solutions provides security management solutions that reduce risk and provide strong IT controls, leading to greater operational efficiency in safeguarding patient data. McAfee solutions are flexible enough to address the increasing demands and security concerns within healthcare environments, without negatively impacting performance.