Phishing Simulation

Phishing simulation and training for your end users.

  • End to End managed with certified security experts
  • No software or hardware to install at client premises
  • Real world scenario tests with support of our cyber threat intelligence
  • Comprehensive report on Real-time analytics
E Mail Phishing
SMS Phishing
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E Mail Phishing Simulation

Our E Mail Phishing Simulations help you assess users’ susceptibility to e mail phishing and spear-phishing attacks. With custom phishing templates created based on your requirement, you can evaluate users on multiple threat types, including Malicious attachments, Embedded links and Requests for personal data.

Key Features:

  • Send Custom Simulation Emails using well-known brands like Amazon, Linked In etc.
  • Create Phishing simulation with links, attachments and Fake log-in pages.
  • Simulate phishing attacks impersonating internal email addresses or Custom spoofed sender.
  • Recreate any phishing simulation including ransomware, wire fraud, CEO fraud etc.
  • Identify complete user profile, interactions, geo-location, operating system, browser edition etc.

SMS Phishing Simulation

SMS Phishing, also called as Smishing is based on mobile phone text messages. Our simulations send messages to your users’ mobile phones with links, contact numbers or messages asking them to click on links or reply with sensitive information, so you can gauge your employees’ understanding of the dangers associated with SMS/text phishing and reinforce good behavior.

Key Features:

  • Send custom text messages based on requirement.
  • Create simulation with links and Fake log-in pages.
  • Custom sender id to make the texts appear to be from a legitimate organization.
  • Every user interaction and user profile fully recorded for reporting.

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