SOC 1 Certification

Enhance assurance over outsourced controls related to financial reporting.

  • Coverage of the informational systems applicable for ICFR
  • Meet the needs of user entities evaluating financial statements
  • Meet the regulatory and legal requirements, including SOX
  • Demonstrate the quality of controls as part of bidding for new contracts
Client Stories

Reinforcing confidence through demonstration

The increase in outsourcing directly increases the risk carried by the service organizations performing transaction processing or supporting systems to demonstrate assurance relating to internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR).

The E Com Security Solutions SOC 1 certification focuses on controls and processes that could impact an organization’s financial reporting and helps you to demonstrate commitment to security and financial controls performance.

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What matters to you…

A Programmatic Approach

Tailored SOC 1 Certification approach for organization performing transaction processing or supporting systems that are relevant to your clients’ financial reporting (for example, payroll processing, payment processing, health care claims processing, financial services, and custodian services)

SOC 1 certification

Client Stories

Innovate with Confidence

The data shows why E Com Security Solutions is the right partner for your SOC 1 Certification strategy.

years of collaboration with AICPA as an advisor
dedicated team of SOC professionals
SOC 1 reports issued in the United States annually
of the Fortune 100 companies were SOC 1 Certified by E Com Security Solutions

Resources to help you drive compliance and speed within your enterprise.

FAQs on SOC 1 Certification

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