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NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation Compliance Tips

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Cybersecurity Regulation requires New York insurance companies, banks, and other regulated financial services institutions—including agencies and branches of non-US banks licensed in the state of New York—to assess their cybersecurity risk profile. The NYDFS Cybersecurity regulation is designed to protect consumers [...]

FAQs on SOC 1 Certification

The cornerstone of trust in financial reporting is achieved through SOC 1 Reports. Organizations can effectively communicate information about their risk management and control framework to multiple stakeholders. SOC 1 reports are ideally suited for businesses that handle financial or non-financial information for their clients that impact the customer financial [...]

A Primer on SOC 1 Audit

If your organization handles, processes, stores, or transmits financial information, or information that can impact the financial statements of your customers, then a SOC 1 audit can help evaluate the internal controls of your organization and review how your organization protects client data. An organization may be required to obtain [...]

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FedRAMP and NIST 800-53

The United States Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, known as FedRAMP, is one of the federal government’s most rigorous security compliance frameworks. It enables the federal government to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing by creating transparent standards and processes for security authorizations. FedRAMP provides a standardized approach to [...]

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Security and Data protection strategy with ISO 27001

In today’s competitive business environment, information is critical to the day - to - day operation, compliance and strategic planning of your business. As a vital business resource its value means that it is constantly under threat from being deliberately or accidentally mis-used, damaged, lost or even stolen from individuals [...]