Artificial intelligence (AI) technology fosters the development of machines or applications to perform tasks that usually require humans. While AI is not new, the eruption of massive mega data collection, affordable high-speed cloud computing, and decreasing data storage and computing costs have brought AI into the epicentre of application development to support critical business operations. However, the recent rush to leverage this longstanding technology has created a regulatory and cybersecurity vacuum that could leave your business at risk.

E Com Security Solutions’ AI experts provide tools and assistance to help you evaluate and contain AI risk across your organization. Our AI assessment approach, leveraging the NIST AI 100-1 Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework, can help you understand and address the risks and impacts associated with AI product development while optimizing the potential benefits of AI technology.

We work with your team to set maturity goals and assess the key functional areas of your AI technology development program:

  • Govern: Evaluate the implementation of a risk management culture within your organization’s design, development, deployment, evaluation, or acquisition of AI applications and systems.
  • Map: Examine the AI lifecycle and the interdependent activities associated with the product development cycle that is used to manage the appropriateness and use of AI solutions.
  • Measure: Assess quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method tools, techniques, and methodologies to analyze, assess, benchmark, and monitor AI risk and related impacts.
  • Manage: Categorize risk resource allocation, implementation, and functional effectiveness to ensure that risks are prioritized and acted upon based on projected impact.

Our AI risk assessment methodology is built on a best-practice approach for satisfying regulatory requirements. We document known risks and seek to uncover new risks, so your organization can build a comprehensive and more mature security program. Our methodology includes:

  • Scope Determination
  • Data collection approach
  • Identification of potential threats and vulnerabilities by Assessing current security measures, Determining the impact of threats and your level of maturity and Finalizing documentation

To help you navigate the changing AI regulatory landscape, E Com Security Solutions’ experts can assist with remediating identified gaps or provide ongoing guidance on security risk management of AI technology. Our knowledgeable consultants offer advisory services that can help you follow best practices and properly address the unique risks associated with AI technology.