Pavankumar Bolisetty, the founder of E Com Security Solutions’ & fondly referred as the Indian Firewall is awarded as “BFSI Tech Maestro” on November 12, 2016.

Pavankumar Bolisetty, India’s most talented & well known ethical hacker and entrepreneur has been awarded as BFSI Tech Maestro by the BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance) Council on November 12, 2016. He is the founder of E Com Security Solutions and had helped more than 300 Organizations in the Banking and Financial space to secure their businesses and reputation.

Over the last decade or so, the Indian banking and financial sector has seen several transformations. The operating environment of banks has changed significantly in terms of liberalization of regulations, increasing competition from both domestic and foreign players and need to revamp the business, which came with the legacies of the protected era. Simultaneously, implementation of information technology began in right earnest in the sector. Starting from back office automation, which was aimed largely at processing of voluminous data and automation of cheque clearing operations; the adoption of IT moved to the front desk in the form of total branch automation. Further, while competition gets tougher, there is now a constant pressure on IT departments to achieve more within tighter budgets. However, while the adoption of technology has brought several benefits to the financial institutions, various threats in terms of malicious software, unscrupulous insider and external fraudsters, natural and man-made disasters are real.

Pavankumar Bolisetty, the founder and Director of E Com Security Solutions’ has mentioned that due to the faster spread of the BFSI branches in an effort to reach maximum market penetration, banks are now facing new challenges in ensuring maximum security from the various end points. He has been awarded as the ‘TOP CISO of the Year’ for two consecutive years (2015 & 2016) by CISO Platform and Infosec Maestros summit and had been nominated as finalist for the EC Council Foundation’s “Global CISO of the Year Award”, 2016 from India.

Business demands nowadays, interaction from a dynamic environment beyond the banks internal network, which imposes various threats. As any system cannot be perfect, its audit and expeditious action on the findings become crucial to continuous enhancement of security systems in the face of ever-growing sophistication of potential attackers. The banks has to ensure and safeguard not only its information database but also customer’s critical investments from malicious intender on the Internet. To fight the increasing competition, it is becoming critical for banks to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of user data. While the adoption of technology has brought several benefits to the financial institutions, various threats in terms of malicious software, unscrupulous insider and external fraudsters, natural and man-made disasters are real.

There is a rise in the complexity of the attacks being launched against the BFSI industry. While the financial institutions are taking a number of steps to safeguard their IT infrastructure, they continue to be challenged by the pace of innovation and rising sophistication of the attacks. With the help of Security Service providers, financial enterprises can adopt inexpensive and unified approach to compliance management which also reduces the cost, time, effort and complexity involved in adhering to multiple regulations.

E Com Security Solutions’ managed security services address the above challenges, through integration of people, process and technology. Each of these three components should be managed considering the capabilities and limitations of others. When the components are considered as a whole, they should provide for adequate overall risk mitigation. The company portfolio offer end-to-end research driven Application Security Assessments (Web, Mobile & APIs), Infrastructure Security Assessments and Regulatory Compliance (assistance in PCI DSS, PA DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GLBA/FFIEC, and SSAE 16 audits) solutions through cloud, managed security services, and software that enable actionable intelligence, in addition to providing the context needed to manage security risks across the enterprise and is trusted by clients, worldwide to manage their information security infrastructure. Through its security-centric approach to compliance & security assessments, and working closely with regulators to stay abreast of changing requirements, the company has helped numerous organizations in securing their businesses and reputation till date. The Organizations range from Fortune 500 and large financial institutions to small and medium-sized retailers including VISA / Master Card, European Union institutions, banking & financial Institutions, University hospitals, payment service providers, global insurance firms, multi-national food companies, e-commerce companies etc.