Medical Software Application including mobile, web, IoT and back-end applications that process Protected Health Information (often abbreviated to PHI, or ePHI when it is stored or transmitted electronically) are required to comply with HIPAA requirements.

Examples of these applications include eHealth or mHealth app that collects personal data about the person are required to use it exclusive for use of the person using it. In case the personal data collected is shared with a medical professional or other HIPAA Covered Entity (eg: a healthcare insurance company), then the data is considered to be Protected Health Information and the app needs to be HIPAA compliant.

How to ensure the Medical Software Applications are HIPAA Compliant?

E Com Security Solutions can perform application penetration/security testing, secure code review, binary analysis and vulnerability assessments of the applications to identify vulnerabilities that expose protected Health Information and assist with remediation of these vulnerabilities.

Where HIPAA assessment provide general security rules required for your organization, application pen testing provides a specific, accurate, and actionable analysis of your medical software applications security health. Our security experts analyze your application and identify not only potential vulnerabilities, but also current exploitable threats that put your organization at risk with non compliance and fines.

By taking advantage of E Com Security Application Penetration testing you can:

  • Avoid the costs and headaches of lawsuits, regulatory fines and penalties, expensive forensics analysis, and loss of business revenue that are caused by weaknesses in developing medical software applications.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your Protected Health Information is secure while processing, storage or in transit by the application.
  • Protect your reputation and customer loyalty by avoiding devastating and embarrassing negative publicity associated with compromise of application.

About E Com Security HIPAA Assessment

E Com Security Solutions is recognised as one of the market leaders in security, privacy, and internal control services. We have a dedicated practice of risk and control specialists with deep industry focus and experience. We have assisted over 4000 Organisations on cyber security and privacy assessments and our opinion stating that your operating controls meet HIPAA Security and Privacy standards is likely to reinforce customer confidence in your company.

We use tailored approach that works for you – reducing the effort needed to gather required information while also helping you and your staff gain a clearer understanding of the HIPAA Compliance requirements. We also have our proprietary processes, templates, and deliverables which allow us to accelerate every phase of the audit and reporting process while keeping you up-to-date in all phases of the engagement.